dimanche 25 février 2007

ume trees and flea market

Sunday is the day where I don't practice in Kyoto on this moment.
Today I went with the cycle to kitano tenmangu temple for the flea market.
On this moment I have some technical issue with the camera and I'm sad to not have the opp to took my own pics..
Fortunately I can sent you this link where you be able to enjoy the atmosphere of the place: http://walking-kyoto.sub.jp/tenmanume.htm.
People getting crazy to take pics of the ume. kawai!!!
In this market I find much more and find more interesting than the Toji one, but both are a must. You spent like all the morning and afternoon in such place.
There is nice food everywhere, so no trouble you can just enjoy the time looking to the different old pieces like: ceramics, obi, kimono,prints and much more.

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