lundi 12 février 2007


Thursday I travelled in direction of Shikoku. The trains crossing
the Seto Inland Sea via Seto-Ohashi bridge(this from the mainland
Honshu to Shikoku island). Momently I'm staying in Tokushima
prefucture (Naruto city).

Maki chan I know from Kyoto (Kyoto kougei senidaigaku)
where she was (still is) my sempai.
I had practice that evening on the kendo doyjo
(Naruto Kyoiku daigaku). We did some kihon and
after mawari gi-geiko. The right arm was very contracted
even with an ellebow protector.
I never used till now such of protector, but without it
I couldn' practice that night. My ellebow is a little bit
destroyed from last Sunday..

After the practice some friends and Maki chan prepared some
nice Japanese food (なべ). I'm very lucky the people
are very nice and I'm enjoying some relax time.

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