lundi 12 février 2007


Saterday we went to Kagawa prefecture where we visited
Kompirasan (popular shrine) and Zentu ji temple.
Just for your information my friends: Shikoku is well known
as Japan'largest and most famous peligrimage places(88 temples).
These represents 88 evils that bedivial human life
(according Sh.Buddhism).
Soit these shrine is situated on the wooden hills of Kotohira
(great view of the city).The main hall is situated after 800
steps (it's half disctance of the final inner shrine who has
a very impressive construction).

Takamatsu is famous for: fish, seafood aaaaaand the local
speciality "sanuki udon" (thick white noodles =>
"the Takamatsu one should have a hard structure" usually
served with separate flask of stock and condiments).
We were driving to some udon place where Maki chan asked
me if I knew the name in hiragane to can inform her on the way
to Takamatsu if we passed some udon shop.
We tried udon in two different places to be able to
try different one, but also taste different cooking habits.
During we ate the second one both of us were
thinking the same:the first udon place has a better taste.
The thick white noodle had a hard structure instead
of the second one who was more soft.
Maki chan informs me that such of udon they usually
cooking in Osaka.

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