vendredi 23 mars 2007


Sometimes I have the feeling with some people that they missing
something essential in their life.
Sensei gave me the answer to these emotions
through the Tsukubai (wash-basin of stone for the tea room).
You have to connect the kanji
in the direction of the clock. At this moment you will
find +/-:" Learn only to be contented".
She who learns just to be contended is spiritually rich,
while those who didn't learn and be contended with
their life are spiritually poor even if they are
materially wealthy.

Thanks to him. I'm more than pleased for all these
unique experiences I had with him.
He took care of me like a father will do to his daughter.
I'm yet missing his presence..

This is the end of this blog.
I thank the people who support me during all this period
and those who give me the opp to know that their are
Thanks for your friendship and looking
forward to see you soon.


samedi 3 mars 2007

Kansai => Kanto

Washing kendogi and hakama for the first time in a Japanese wasserette..
Collected everything and take the shinkansen back to Kanto.
A short stop in Kamakura and finally met Sensei.
Today I had a special practice with 39 ladies from all ages in +/ 95m2..

Shedule will continue to be intensive.
Time is flying, but every second who passing I'm trying to enjoy as the moment
right now and not more..

Prima donna and spirits

The owner from the place in Kyoto informed me that
the house was a created in order by the prima donna
of madame butterfly!
This side where I slept was a battle field before, so many spirits
going in and out and hanging around the space where I slept.
Not only the kendoka in Kyoto (I think) appraciate
my ken+do but also the (soldiers) spirits.