mercredi 21 février 2007

Funaokayama park

You remember the paper about the Daimonjo Bonfire?
Well the place where I'm staying on this moment is just
next to the park. What a coincidence...
Here I am alone and not alone. The cats and the monks wake me up.
The sun is coming up through the space where I'm sleeping.

Last year I didn't have time to cook. I didn't have time
because the hard shedule of a full time job, studies and kendo.
What a pitty some people didn't understand this..
Since I'm recoverring from my operation I start to cook
again for my friends and myself.
I start again to take care of myself "como dios manda".

Recoverring start the first days in my new place.
After I return to my roots. My Spanish roots.
Good to be home. Good to feel my father everywhere,
Good to still have my grandparents.
All the village took care about me.
After two weeks and have took some energy
I decided to go to the south.
Andalucia and all his flavours and perfumes.
I travelled around and smell the gardens in La Alhambra such more in the south.
Sevilla gave me my state of mind back. Such romantic place can let nobody indifferent at all. Que bella eras..

Now I'm in Kyoto. Back to the basics. Yes basics. Big issue.
I learn every day a little bit more and lost myself
a little bit more or not??
Lost yourself and start again (not easy to do).
Do something change?? Do I really lose myself???
Just trying to believe in myself and staying confident..

Practice are every day. Every day tjotto hiyaku.
You want to practice a lot. You have to be the first.
Striking paaaaaa! Speed. It's you or your opponent... No time to think.
I'm working in slow motion. Keep centre.Just feel yes feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeel..
Hips strongs forward pff and again...

Today I return with the cycle to Toji temple (flea market).
I walked around for 5 hours.
Walking around look to all these people.
Looking to all these: ceramics, kimono, monks,..
I find the people where I bought some stuff
last two years. It was nice to see these couple again.
The woman is so kawai. We remembered each other again
from two years ago.Talk to another pottery men who
told about his experience in Spain..
This time the weather is splendid..


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