jeudi 25 janvier 2007

暑い/ 寒い

Most of the people from our age are living in a very small places (between 25 and 45 (max. and is a luxery) square m..
The place from my friends is a Japanese wooden house. They choose for space instead to have airco in all the rooms and 1000 gadgets. Indeed it's very dry in the winter (+cold) and humid in the summer, but I like their place very much.

Japanese people like to have fresh spaces.
Feel more than free to help open all the windows for the morning or/and evening kendo practice.
Don't be sad, because you will have: the electrical hot carpet, hot toilet and other special stuff at home.
In the public transport you will also find electrical hot places where you can take some arrest
when you're on your way to the office or other place (s) for more than 1h30..

I'm starting to enjoy to take hot baths once a day. Like you know (or maybe not)
you first take a shower and after take a hot bath.
She's thrue Maki: the shower just refresh outside the body, but the bath warms up all the body inside.
You can use the same water for some days; you only have to prepare the temperature you wish...

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