jeudi 18 janvier 2007

Kashiwa- Shibamata

10 hours passed very quickly to arrive at Narita.
I'm very lucky a friend of mine pick my up at Narita and it's like to be back to my second home;)
I don't have the feeling that 2 years passed from the first time I was in Japan; anyway feels good to be here.
The place were I stayed for some days is not so far from Kashiwa station.
This station is +/- 30 min from Ueno staion.
A lot of students are living around this area.
The weather is dry and sunny, but samui desu!

Monday meeting point at Ueno with other kendo friends to practice together at Geidai university.
You can not imagine how great it is to see them back!
We practice hard and cross the swords with new ones..

Thuesday starts some sightseeing at Shibamata (kawai).
Walking through old Japan to find
the Taishakuten temple (
The god "Taishakuten"could be compare like Zeus in Greek mythology.
I make some prayers and stand on the stairs of the temple; just enjoying the sun and
the people: taking off their shoes, just ready to pray together.
Soredewa ikimasu ka? Tjotto matte Hiromi san..

This area is well known by Japanese people from the soap «Otoko-wa-Tsurai-yo».
The (48) Tora-san movies were directed in this area and show us the life atmoshere of 1950..
We had some nice lunch at Kawichiya ( and for tea time we enjoyed some "Kusa dango (Yomogi herbs with sweet beans).

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